Hey all! How’s it going? My days in Japan is nearing its end. Reflecting back, now I think I really will miss it. I’ve had my best days and best experiences touring around Tokyo with my friends. For now, I want to tell you about my recent journey to Odaiba. It really is a quaint place surrounded by the waters. For example, and maybe you've already seen this, the iconic liberty statue is by the waters. I really love how tranquil living around the waters can be.


After that, me and my friend went around, and we were really enjoying how the life-sized gundam looks, and also the ferris wheel. It makes me think, Odaiba really is a land of fun (considering they have a circus too!). We finished going around, and went to the takoyaki museum to grab some bites. After that, unto the main event of the day, the TeamLab Museum: Borderless. It was a magical experience for me, seeing all the colors and lights come to life. I would not forget it for a long time.

That’s it for my experience in Odaiba, if you guys have any suggestions to go to other places, let us know! See you again in the next EigoTalkTalk session!