Last post in Japan!

The day after tomorrow, I will be going home. I won’t be inhaling Japan air anymore, walking on Japan streets, experiencing Japanese smiles. I will miss this. I think it is a good idea to recount my blessings so far. As someone said to me, I have to face reality head on so then I can really appreciate and learn from my experiences here.

More than ever, I am always thankful of the people around me in Japan. Without them, this country’s experience wouldn’t be half as fun. I am grateful of the new people I’ve met, and the lessons they taught me. All the Japanese kindness and smiles really also made me comfortable staying here.

Japan has such a thoughtful way to care about other people, it has then opened me up to care more about other people’s needs too. And now, I value money more than ever since it is so hard to get yet so easy to spend.

I think, I’m very lucky to be here. Thank you Japan, for all the sweetness and lessons you’ve given me. I will be eternally thankful.