Far from home

Moving to another city to study can fulfill what the opposing choice can not offer. First, youngsters will be given many chances to venture out of their comfort nests. This is especially true for Asian students whose family links are pretty strong and many children never get the opportunity to break free from their parents to experience life. In addition to that, students will learn how to manage their lives, such as financial planning, that make them get used to solving their own tasks.



Photography is one of my interest. I took it from an old friend of mine, who really loves taking photos. He taught me how to use a digital camera and inspired me with fascinating pictures that he had taken. Now I usually enjoy taking street photos during solo-travels. I prefer traveling alone if I bring a camera with me. Therefore, any time I want to stop to take a picture, I wouldn’t interrupt anyone. When I walk on the street with my camera, I walk slowly. I’m scared that I would miss something if I walk too fast. Moreover, I don’t always have my camera on. I usually look for interesting things and capture them by my own eyes first. Thus, it requires me to be really observative.


Appreciate who we are

Sometimes it’s so hard to satisfy with who we are. I guess every of us has at least once wished to be someone else, or as good as somebody. The person that you wish to be may wish to be another one, and there’s someone out there wishes to be you. The gift of living through failure, sadness, crisis and also happiness, pride, and love... is deeply understanding ourselves. And it's good to be who we are. We don't have to try so hard to make someone like us. We don't have to force ourselves to act the way we're not. It's wonderful to be able to see the value of things and most importantly, be able to see the value of ourselves. I wish you would enjoy who you are, but never stop trying to be the best version of yourself.


Grown-up: Breakfast becomes important

When I was in high school, breakfast was the last thing I would think about every morning. I’d rather spend 30 minutes on sleeping than preparing breakfast. I’d rather save ¥ 500 for a cup of coffee with my friends than buy something to eat on the road to school. I have never given enough care to breakfast, neither my health since I believed that if I got sick, my parents would take care of me. Things have changed since I moved out, maybe even more than moving “out”, I moved to another country to study abroad. I realize that my parents could no longer travel 3666.09 km just to take care of me when I get sick or spend a huge amount of money to see a doctor in Japan. I have no choice but being serious about my own health. I start making breakfast every day or at least buy something to eat on the road to my station. I have to make sure that I have enough energy to study and work all day long. To me, growing up is when breakfast becomes important.


Ride a bike near the beach

It was a Sunday on Lyson Island, Vietnam. When I was wandering near the beach, I saw 2 little kids helping their mother collecting duckweed. Next to them was a bike. The bike looked pretty old, but it caught my attention immediately. I wondered when was the last time I rode a bike. It didn't take me long to walk toward them and ask for borrowing the bike for a few minutes. The kids seemed to be suprised, but they still let me take their bike (I really appreciate). That was the first time I have ever rode a bike near the beach. It was such a great experience when you could feel the fresh wind and the sound of the sea at the same time. Of course, after enjoying the ride, I went back and returned the bike for the kids. Thanks to them, I had the best ride ever.


What will change when you learn a new language?

A Czech proverb says "learn a new language and get a new soul". I think this is true. I believe that multilingualism plays a notable role in the change of learners’ personality, particularly in the fostering of empathy. When I learn a new language, I recognize that there are a lot of differences between how people using different languages to describe things. Even between 2 sentences which are said to have a same meaning, there are still some slight differences between them. By understanding the diversity of languages and meaning, multilinguals are more likely to accept and appreciate others’ distinct cultures and mindsets. It can be said that learning new languages encourages the learner’s empathy awareness. What about you? Do you feel any changes when you learn any new language?


I am scared of height

Height is one of my biggest fears. My legs shake even when I’m just standing on a bridge. When I was 15, to mark the maturity, my team and I had to overcome a challenge (It is a trandition of my club). The challenge was climbing up a sand hill. It was a pretty high hill, which made me worried a lot. In the end, thanks to my teammates, I could make it. While we were climbing up the hill, my teammates tried to distract me from looking down by talking about other topics. When we finished our talk, we have already been there, on the top of the hill. It could be scary at the beginning, but everything become easier when we have friends around.


A "Lucky" Dog

My friend has a dog named Lucky. It's not a random name since this buddy is actually lucky. He's 14 years old, which is quite old for a dog. He also has one missing eye and half deaf. Lucky is a strong dog. He never gives up on living. Although he is really weak now, I think that he still wants to be with his owner a little more. When I think about Lucky, I feel encouraged. He reminds me to be strong when I'm weak.


Volunteer on an island

One of the greatest memories in my life was being a volunteer on Lyson island, Vietnam. Together with my team, we opened free summer classes for high school students there. We had 13 talented volunteers from all over the country gather and create an unforgettable summer on this beautiful island. We had classes every day, except Sunday, from morning to evening. On Sunday, our students became our tour guides. They took us to every corner of the island and told us about its history. After the trip, I have learned a lot about lives near the sea coast. Lyson was a meaningful experience that I could never forget.



I used to really hate reading. I am a visual learner, so I prefer videos and pictures to words and words. However, a friend of mine said to me that, "best ideas come from books", so I decided to give books a try. My friend was right. Although in the beginning, it is hard to concentrate on the lines, good thoughts from books make me want to read more. Now, I usually read books while I'm commuting to work. The more I read, the easier it is to focus on reading.

Do you like reading? If no, will you give books a try?



Traveling is walking out of your safe zone, being open-minded to any thing you would find. Traveling is trying to understand what people want you to know, even they are in a language that you don't use everyday. Traveling is accepting the difference between other cultures and yours, knowing that there's no right or wrong when it comes to belief. Traveling is uncomfortable sometimes, yet it is an opportunity to see how diverse and wonderful this world is. Do you like traveling? I do .


A normal day in Shibuya

I went to Shibuya yesterday, tried to find some different scenes from what I usually see here. Finally, I found one (when I was about to give up). It was from an old man, who seems to have a lot of time, enough to stop, between the flow and without a camera, to truly enjoy the beauty of this city.
Music: Les Amants De Paris - Edith Piaf