Grown-up: Breakfast becomes important

When I was in high school, breakfast was the last thing I would think about every morning. I’d rather spend 30 minutes on sleeping than preparing breakfast. I’d rather save ¥ 500 for a cup of coffee with my friends than buy something to eat on the road to school. I have never given enough care to breakfast, neither my health since I believed that if I got sick, my parents would take care of me. Things have changed since I moved out, maybe even more than moving “out”, I moved to another country to study abroad. I realize that my parents could no longer travel 3666.09 km just to take care of me when I get sick or spend a huge amount of money to see a doctor in Japan. I have no choice but being serious about my own health. I start making breakfast every day or at least buy something to eat on the road to my station. I have to make sure that I have enough energy to study and work all day long. To me, growing up is when breakfast becomes important.