Grown-up: Breakfast becomes important

When I was in high school, breakfast was the last thing I would think about every morning. I’d rather spend 30 minutes on sleeping than preparing breakfast. I’d rather save ¥ 500 for a cup of coffee with my friends than buy something to eat on the road to school. I have never given enough care to breakfast, neither my health since I believed that if I got sick, my parents would take care of me. Things have changed since I moved out, maybe even more than moving “out”, I moved to another country to study abroad. I realize that my parents could no longer travel 3666.09 km just to take care of me when I get sick or spend a huge amount of money to see a doctor in Japan. I have no choice but being serious about my own health. I start making breakfast every day or at least buy something to eat on the road to my station. I have to make sure that I have enough energy to study and work all day long. To me, growing up is when breakfast becomes important.


What will change when you learn a new language?

A Czech proverb says "learn a new language and get a new soul". I think this is true. I believe that multilingualism plays a notable role in the change of learners’ personality, particularly in the fostering of empathy. When I learn a new language, I recognize that there are a lot of differences between how people using different languages to describe things. Even between 2 sentences which are said to have a same meaning, there are still some slight differences between them. By understanding the diversity of languages and meaning, multilinguals are more likely to accept and appreciate others’ distinct cultures and mindsets. It can be said that learning new languages encourages the learner’s empathy awareness. What about you? Do you feel any changes when you learn any new language?



I used to really hate reading. I am a visual learner, so I prefer videos and pictures to words and words. However, a friend of mine said to me that, "best ideas come from books", so I decided to give books a try. My friend was right. Although in the beginning, it is hard to concentrate on the lines, good thoughts from books make me want to read more. Now, I usually read books while I'm commuting to work. The more I read, the easier it is to focus on reading.

Do you like reading? If no, will you give books a try?