Hanami in Shinjuku Gyoen


Spring season in Tokyo is the BEST. Wherever you go, colorful flowers always accompany you. I went to do hanami, a common Japanese tradition to appreciate flowers during spring, mostly sakura (cherry blossom). I did various hanami in different places, yet Shinjuku Gyoen is the only one that completely captured my heart. The breathtaking scenery was not made up of only the sakura trees, but it is the combination that completed each other and made it unforgettable. As you can see in the picture, even the calm lake can look so beautiful, reflecting the ray of dusk. Well then, now you already know where to go during spring in Tokyo!

Playing with Capybara


Harajuku is a wonderful place where you can find many unique stores. My friend and I coincidentally stumbled upon a Zoo Cafe (動物園カフェ) a few weeks ago. Unlike cat cafe, dog cafe, and owl cafe which are common to be found in Japan, this cafe provides animals that you can’t see easily. There are small monkeys, hedgehogs, hamsters, meerkats, fennec, ferret, and even capybara! The entrance fee is 1500 JPY (incl. drink) for 30 minutes and we can play with all of the animals. We can also buy additional animal food to feed to the animals. My friend and I loves capybara the most. It is very cooperative that when we give our palms, it would calmly put his hand on top of it. So cute! This place is highly recommended.