The one with my favourite TV show

It’s my hobby to watch movies or shows whenever I have some spare time. Recently, my friend recommended me a show, “Friends” and it turns out to be a very great show. This show is about a group of friends - Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe. They shared almost every moments of their life together. There are three main places that are used as a background in this show: Monica’s apartment, Joey and Chandler’s apartment and a coffee shop named Central Perk. I love this TV show because it not only makes you laugh, makes you relax after hours of hardworking but it also makes you to have a thought about things around you, your relationships, your life. This show actually teaches me a lot.



Just like many other people, I love spending my spare time reading books. Reading not only helps me cure my boredom but also teaches me a lot of beautiful things in this world. Books, to me, are like my friends. I always choose a book that suits my feelings at that period of time.  It tells me stories, it tells me facts, it teaches me many helpful things for my life. Also, reading, especially in other languages than my first language can help me improve my language skill. With all of those reasons, reading is my most favorite hobby ever. Tell me about your hobbies. Do you like reading books?