Shopping at Costco

I went to Costco for the first time recently. Costco is an American brand for a ‘buying in bulk’ style supermarket. The supermarket itself is actually the size of a warehouse where many items are just dropped and stacked after being carried in containers. I didn’t have a membership but I went with my friend who had one. There were so many differnt items, mostly from America. It’s good to shop there for items that last long, such as toothpaste or other daily necessities. I also wanted to buy the meat and cookies because they were so cheap compared to anywhere else in Japan. However, foods don’t last long so buying too much would be a waste. I also went to the cafeteria, the pizza was American-sized. I love that the drinks were also free-refill. Lastly, we must not forget to bring our own bag because Costco doesn’t provide the bags.