Being in Shibuya

I think Shibuya is one of the most popular destinations for tourists who come to Japan. In almost all documentaries and movies, I always see the popular Shibuya Scrambled Crossing. It was most crowded during the Halloween week, where many people gather in various costumes to hang out and take pictures. I usually go to Shibuya when I need to go to Yokohama because through Shibuya is the cheapest way. Some of my friend went there to eat pizza. Even though the neon lights make beautiful pictures, I’m not used to being among so many people yet. And so, when I go there, I don’t usually stay for too long. But I like visiting the Hachiko statue because I like dogs. I have to queue because so many people want to take picture there. I recommend Shibuya if you like fashion, night life, or just curious to how it feels to be in an ocean of people.