Okonomiyaki Smile

I have had lots of takoyaki before, but I have never had okonomiyaki. My friend and I have always wanted to visit this okonomiyaki restaurant near our dorm. But it was always full during the evening, and we haven’t been able to get ourselves seats. That day we came at 5pm, as soon as the restaurant opened. In fact, I was the first person to step in that day. We sat down and ordered okonomiyaki for each person, which turned out to be too much. I find that okonomiyaki is very delicious and satisfying. Even though it had vegetables which I don’t usually like, the flavor blends well with the meat, egg, sauce, and all the other ingredients. My friend and I loved the restaurant. We left with very good memories and we would love to come back. Next time, we will take seats along the counter so as to see the chefs cook the okonomiyaki from start to finish.