I have always wanted to try a Japanese food called ‘sukiyaki’. I first heard about it as a song title from Sakamoto Kyu. The original title of the song is ‘Ue Wo Muite Arukou’ but the English title is ‘Sukiyaki’ because it’s easier to remember. My friend and I went to this restaurant in Kudanshita a few days ago. It was very close to the station, which was comfortable. We ordered several foods, and for the main course we had one big Sukiyaki. It came with a stove to heat the soup and boil the vegetable, meat, and eggs inside. The staff offered raw eggs and we gladly accepted. We took a little bit of everything into our small bowls, then cracked the raw eggs on top of it. We mixed them all together and then ate them. It was very nice, and my stomach was immediately full. I’m so glad we went out for sukiyaki.