The best Abura Soba place in Tokyo

For many foreigners, when you ask them what is the iconic food of Japan, most of them will probably say sushi. But for me, whenever people ask me what is most iconic and the most delicious food in Japan, I will always pick abura soba.

But not just any abura soba, I am particularly in love with Tokyo Menchintei honpo 東京麵珍亭本舖, ever since I started study in Tokyo I always go for this noodle place after class.

There is a perfect balance and composition between the texture of the noodles, oil and sauces. The store is also very generous when it comes to the meat; They give you a lot of chashu meat on top of the noodle.

I will never forget this place. Even when I eventually leave Japan, this noodle place will always have a special place in my heart.

So I highly recommend people to eat at one of their branches around Tokyo!

Tokyo Menchintei honpo, Nishiwaseda branch

Tokyo Menchintei honpo, Nishiwaseda branch