I wasn’t a big fan of dessert when I was younger, things have changed since I went to Japan. There is an abundant collection of pastries and sweets and the price is so cheap (especially desserts sold in convenience stores, which have many seasonal limited flavors as well as traditional tastes). Unlike western sweets that tend to be very sweet and have powerful flavors, Japanese desserts focus on the natural flavors of the ingredients themselves. My favorite one among all, daifuku, is mochi filled with a variety of sweet fillings like red bean paste or ice-cream. Of course, I also love western desserts such as apple pie, tiramisu, etc. But the only downside about having a sweet tooth is that I have to care about my weight all the time.


Van Gogh Museum

Who is your favorite artist ? Have you thought about visiting that artist’s hometown? I’ve been liking Van Gogh’s artworks since I was little and I finally got a chance to visit the Netherlands this summer. The thing I really liked there is that you can pick one real sunflower before entering the museum. Sunflower symbolizes life, sunshine and vitality. I'm glad to see all the visitors to the museum wearing bright smiles on their faces.